Consultations and Payments 


The first consultation (60-75 minutes):

  • Detailed discussion of your lifestyle, eating habits, medical history, and physical activity
  • Comprehensive body composition analysis with the InBody 120 scale
  • Goal setting

Meal plan discussion (30-45 minutes, takes place within a week after the initial consultation):

  • Discussion of personalised meal plan
  • Individualised nutrition education session
  • Discussion of follow up consultations

Follow up consultations (20-30 minutes):

  • Discussion of different topics regarding health and nutrition
  • Discussion of any challenges or feelings experienced
  • Full body composition analysis (Monitoring of progress)
  • Diet plan amendments if needed
  • Guiding, and mentoring to achieve goals


Both medical aid and private patients are welcome.

The first consultation is paid upfront but you will receive a detailed statement which will enable you to claim back any benefit that may be due to you from your medical aid or health insurance.

For follow up consultations, we can claim directly from most South African medical aids.

We claim 100% according to the medical aid rate (this EXCLUDES DNA testing and Optifast® products which are paid upfront). Payment by your medical aid is subject to your available savings and/or their benefits policy. Please take note that it remains the patient’s responsibility to ascertain that medical aid funds are available.

Please contact us for the cash rates.
Please note: cash and medical aid rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
We accept cash and card payments.